We Supports Lawyers legal Struggle Nationwide ,Says Barrister Dr. Saif

We stand with lawyers in their legal struggle: Barrister Saif

We stand with lawyers in their legal struggle: Barrister Saif

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Advisor Barrister Dr Saif has pledged unwavering support to lawyers engaged in a legal and constitutional struggle across the nation. He expressed solidarity with the lawyers who clashed with police in Lahore on Wednesday.¬†Condemning the violence inflicted upon lawyers by police, Barrister Saif criticised the Punjab government for resorting to “brutal tactics.”. He decried the stark contrast between the idyllic portrayal of Punjab reminiscent of Paris on social media platforms like TikTok, and the harsh reality faced by protesters on the ground. Addressing the recurring protests in Lahore, Barrister Saif remarked on their becoming a commonplace occurrence, indicative of widespread discontent.

He further accused the Punjab government of unethical practices, referring to allegations of rigging in the Feb 8 polls. In a stern warning, he asserted that any aggression against the legal community would not be tolerated, underscoring the significance of protecting lawyers’ rights.¬†Barrister Saif confidently declared that the government formed based on Form-47 was nearing its demise.

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